FotoNoviembre 2002

Exhibit - Paisajes en Tiempo

From left to right: Douglas Barkey, Pascal Bois ( France), and Eduardo Segura (Argentina), international visting artists and exhibitors in FotoNoviembre 2002

I was invited by Humberto Suaste, the President of ArtQuimia, to participate in FotoNoviembre 2002 along with photographers Pascal Bois and Eduardo Segura. We each contributed 50 prints for an exhibit at the Teatro Peon Contreras gallery in Merida, Mexico. The exhibit dates are Nov 9th to Dec. 7th. FotoNoviembre is sponsored by ArtQuimia, a diverse group of the best photographers in the Yucatan, and is a month dedicated to exhibiting and exploring photography in Merida. A highlight of the event was the Fifty Years of Photography curated by Lic. Ramon Cabrales from Cuba, Jefe de Departamento de FotoCREART. The documentary photography exhibit by Jose Hernandez-Claire from Guadalajara on Mexican Cowboys was also an intriguing and thought provoking presentation with many remarkable images. The entire event was kicked off by a well-attended exhibit by the ArtQuimia group at El Olimpo. More info....

Eduardo and Pascal were great to work with and we had a lot of fun putting up the exhibit and participating in FotoNoviembre events, press interviews, excursions, and seminars. Eduardo Segura is from Parana, Entre Rios, Argentina were he founded and runs a photography school: Una Foto Escuela. Pascal Bois is from Arles, France where in addition to his creative work he is a photographer for the Agence pour le Patrimoine Antique.

After getting the exhbit installed we were able to attend seminars on documentary photography, Cuban photography, and answered questions ourselves....

I was also able to spend time discussing our Yucatan program and future directions with Edgardo Bolio, Dean of the School of Architecture, UADY, Ramon Cabrales from MINICULT in Cuba, and Zulema Aguilar, Dean of the School of Education, UADY.

Many of COA's old friends from the Yucatan came to the opening, such as Federico Dickinson from CINVESTAV, staff from UADY, and Diario de Yucatan.

See photos from the event, sample images, and excursion images of archaeological sites...


Fallen Cross, Ink Jet, 2002


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